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I love copper. It's warm and soft to the touch and reflects back your body heat. I also love etching copper. The results are always so satisfying to me.


Banksy is a calico cat cuff. I had to make a cuff like this as my brother has a calico cat named Banksy. She is a true calico - gorgeous to look at - but dangerous to hold. My Banksy isn't like the latter but she is gorgeous!  One of the calicoes is even wearing a little bow tie for its collar.


I hand paint each cuff using a special metal paint that adheres to the metal. I apply it using toothpicks and ends of wire dipped in the paint and then I coat it three times with a glossy protective spray.


As I only make one of a kind pieces, Banksy is a one off - you won't run into anyone wearing a cuff just like yours.



SKU: B115
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