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I love silverware. Each piece has beautiful designs and there are endless possibilities what you can do with them. I use as many parts of each utensil that I can possibly get out of it. Nothing goes to waste.


Queenie are earrings made from parts of the spoon bowl. I then impressed a design on to them and added sari ribbons. They are lightweight - coming in at 4gms each and the ribbons will blow in the wind or as you move. Look at how they catch the light! These shoulder dusters will have people asking you where you got them!


Listing is for earrings only. Sorry - Rascal the Bear isn't included.


*Note - This earring card is made from a picture of my Mom with her cousins - taken when she was just a girl. An aunt had made matching crocheted dresses for them all with little matching hats. My Mom is the one on your right. I miss her a lot but get to see her on my earring cards all the time. It makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too.








SKU: E179
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