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Fay is a reversible raku pendant with an elephant charm and a purple glass pearl hung on a purple double leather cord with a silver-plated bail and silver-plated flower clasp. One side of the long raku bead is feathery leaves and the other side is an elegant swirl. I think it's a necklace that you wear depending on your mood - either light and feathery or feeling an elegant swirl.


The raku bead I made with my brother who is a potter. One day we sat and made beads and when they were ready we threw them into the raku kiln and let the fire do its thing before pulling them out and smothering them with wood shavings and clamping a lid on them to finish them off. These beads have shades of blue/green and copper in them. I'm quite proud of the raku beads we made together.


It's another one of a kind necklace as I never make the same thing twice. Why? If you buy one of my creations I want you to know that you'll never see another piece like yours. We are all unique individuals and we need to wear jewelry that is unique to just us. Don't you agree?






SKU: N102
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