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My friend Breezy makes incredible jewelry but she doesn't like doing markets or trying to sell it so I told her 'send it to me'. Once I held her creations in my hands I immediately realized that her work needed to be shown to the world and make it into the hands of someone who appreciates meticulous craftsmanship.


Her polymer clay necklaces are gorgeous. I know she studied colour and how it interacts with each other and it shows in each piece. Her mokume gane work has colour combinations that are smooth and transition well into each other and produce unique designs that will be a joy to wear.


Harriet is a polymer clay necklace with an adjustable dark brown leather cord so you can wear it up around your neck or long. The mokume gane design in blues and yellow is simply sweet. Soft light blue polymer clay spacers separate her beads and finish it off. Each bead has a polymer clay bead cap in darker blues - absolutely exquisite.





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