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I love making jewelry from silverware. The patterns that can be found absolutely amaze me. The end results when incorporated into jewelry is always stunning. I try to find the name of the pattern of each piece I use and when it was first came into existence. Some times it takes me days to identify the pattern - some times I fail.


June was a silverware pattern that came out in 1932. It's simple but elegant. I added a cubic zirconia cabochon to it for that extra little oomph!


A double strand of leather filled with pandora-like beads will encircle the underside of your wrist - so pretty on the top and bottom!


June is easy to put on. Just slide the leather loop over the hook on the silverware and then tighten the slider.


June is a gorgeous bracelet that fits wrist size 6" - 6½"




SKU: B227
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