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Little Ruby are gorgeous fluorite earrings. Three fluorite beads dangle from a silver-plated earring finding in a very elegant way. Look how good they look on Rascal the Bear!


I created Little Ruby to accessorize with the Ruby Tuesday necklace and they really go well together. Fluorite is a beautiful gemstone that comes in a myriad of colours and would go with so many outfits. Either on its own or with Ruby Tuesday necklace they are stunning earrings and of course one-of-a-kind!


Fluorite beads, silver-plated beadcaps, silver-plated beads, silver-plated earring finding. I use silver-plate so that everyone can enjoy shiny as much as I do! Hypoallergenic


Listing is for earrings only. Rascal the Bear is not included either. Sorry!

Little Ruby

SKU: E128
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