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Silverware makes the most gorgeous jewelry. You can find such stunning designs in a piece of silverware.


I searched high and low for the name of this pattern and couldn't find it but it's probably from around the 1930's. I think someone had the initial M or maybe it's a W engraved on it - probably a family surname. I added a small diamante cabochon to it for that little bit of added sparkle.


Along with this gorgeous piece of silverware are two strands of leather filled with pandora like beads with a red glass bead dangle to finish it off. Just hook the leather over the curve of the silverware and tighten it onto your wrist with the slider.


What I love about these bracelets is that there's the gorgeous piece of silverware over the top of your wrist and all kinds of beads circle the underside. Perfect!


Fits 7" - 7½" wrist. Silverplate.



M or W?

SKU: B230
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