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Rascal the Bear is sporting red polymer clay hippie horses with navy tails. There's absolutely no reason that hippie horses can't be bright colours. Is there?


These Mini Kathryn Hippie Horse earrings were created to go with the big Kathryn Hippie Horse necklace but it isn't an absolute necessity - is it? You can wear them on your own if you want. Rascal the Bear won't mind at all!


Everything I create is a one-of-a-kind so there's no way you're going to be out galloping along with your Hippie Horses and come across someone else wearing the same thing. I really dislike that don't you?


Polymer clay hippie horse earrings, cotton navy tail, copper rings, copper french hooks. Hypoallergenic


Teddy bear not included!

Mini Kathryn Hippie Horse Earrings

SKU: E63
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