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I love copper for it's warmth and softeness. I use it a lot in my jewelry. I also really like to etch copper.


Roxanne is a delightful cuff in geometrics and swirls in colours of navy, green, lilac and purple. It's a cuff that could be worn with many outfits.


I hand-paint these using toothpicks and the end of wire dipped into a special metal paint that adheres to it then I give it three coats of a protective spray to keep it looking shiny and new.


I've shown Roxanne with two different earrings to show just how versatile the cuff is.


The cuffs are measured from each side of the opening. This gives you a rough idea of how big they are. They are adjustable by spreading them open further and then pressing up against your wrist until it's comfortable.


Listing is for cuff only. Find earrings shown under the earring category.


SKU: B68
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