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I live on the dry prairies of the North American west and horses are a common sight.

They sail down the highways in their horse trailers - their noses in the wind - like huge dogs. Out in the backcountry the wild horses roam - letting freedom reign.


I made my polymer clay hippie horses because I couldn't do justice to the majestic bodies and beauty of horses. So hippie horses it is! I've been told they look a bit like Eeyore - but Eeyore was a donkey - so - sort of I guess?


Susan is a gorgeous pin created to look like Malachite.


Polymer clay hippie horse, copper colour cotton tail, stainless steel pinback.


Polymer clay Malachite 'Hippie Horse' brooch with cotton tail.


Note that this listing is for the brooch only. Set is shown for illustrative purposes only.


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