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Look at Rascal the Bear rocking these gorgeous spoon earrings! He looks so sassy doesn't he!!


I love turning silverware into jewelry not only because it's beautiful and shiny, but also the designs are stunning.  The artists who created silverware patterns sure had flair! I believe in recycling and use every part of each piece from handles to spoon bowls to fork tines!


These spoon bowl earrings were put through my rolling mill to imprint them with stars and shapes that will definitely catch the light and glisten! I hung little heart dangles underneath so you can already imagine what kind of movement they'll have once you have them on!  They only weigh 19gms so are fairly lightweight for spoon earrings. They are so unique we might have to wrestle Rascal the Bear for them!


Listing is for earrings only. Rascal the Bear is not included. Sorry!


SKU: E195
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