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Living on the dry prairies of the North American West I see a lot of horses. My mother had horses on her little farm and she loved to watch them run, galloping along like kids let out of school early on a spring day. When I first moved west I had no idea that horses slept standing up with one hoof knocked against the soil until I glanced out of my window one night and one stood looking in my window - or so I thought - but it was fast asleep - dreaming of what?


I could never recreate the majesty of a horse's body so I created my hippie horses! I hope that when wearing Edie Hippie Horse you have horse dreams.


Each piece I create is one of a kind. Why? I really dislike seeing someone else wearing a piece I had grown to love and think of as my own. Not only do I want my work to be original and unique but I like to make a statement with everything I wear including my accessories. In today's world women need to be strong and courageous and I like to think that wearing a one of a kind statement piece shows that we are just that.


Polmer clay hippie horse, polymer clay beads, Howlite beads,coral beads, wood beads, silver-plated beads, silver-plated clasp, silver-plated horseshoe, red cotton thread.


Note that this listing is for the necklace only. Accessories shown are for illustrative purposes only. Check out the Accessories collection for our available selection.




Edie Hippie Horse

SKU: N45
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