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Agates are a common rock formation consisting of silica, chalcedony and quartz and are primarily formed in volcanic and metamorphic rocks by the deposition of silica from groundwater in the cavities of igneous rock.

Some believe it's a popular crystal for healing and rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit. 


When I first held this stone in my hand I felt perhaps it looked like the far side of the moon with just a sliver of light showing. I paired it with cubes of quartz as a symbol of the silvery light we see when we look at the moon. 


Each piece I create is one of a kind. Why? I really dislike seeing someone else wearing a piece I had grown to love and think of as my own. Not only do I want my work to be original and unique but I like to make a statement with everything I wear including my accessories. In today's world women need to be strong and courageous and I like to think that wearing a one of a kind statement piece shows that we are just that.


Agate, Quartz beads, glass beads, silver plated beads, silver plated bead caps, silver plated clasp. 


Note that this listing is for the necklace only. Earrings are shown for illustrative purposes only. Check out the Earrings collection for our available selection.

Far Side of The Moon

SKU: N82
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