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I love birds. My yard is filled with birdhouses, feeders, and birdbaths. I love sitting outside with a cup of coffee and listening to them sing and watch them flit from place to place. I always call them 'my birds'. This life-long love of these beautiful winged creatures had me thinking of sharing that with others.


I created these birdhouses out of wood and decoupaged beauitiful paper onto them then added little sayings and coated them. Of course there's a door and a chimney - because - you know - birds have fireplaces in their houses don't they?!


Each little birdhouse creation is something fun to wear this summer and brings back memories of listening to the birds sing....


House Key is a wood birdhouse with trees decoupaged on it and black glass dangles and gun metal beads. Beneath the door are the words House Key! This little beauty is strung on a rich black satin cord and can be slipped over your head, elimanating any clasps to fiddle with.


Each birdhouse necklace is unique as I only make one of a kind items. I truly dislike seeing myself coming in anything - including accessories - and I believe we don't have to, especially with the number of artists in this world. Make a statement and wear something unique as you head out the door today.




House Key

SKU: N23
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