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Fluorite (also called Fluorspar) is a gorgeous gemstone consisting of a myriad of colours -- purples, lilacs, yellows, greens, blues, pinks, champagne and browns. The colours are soft and often transparent and go with every outfit! To me it reminds me of my garden so I combined it with beautiful glass floral beads.

The pendant is a gorgeous fluorite point and has some weight to it!

Some believe that fluorite has healing properties and neutralises negative energy and stress.


Fluorite crystal pendant with silver solder on silver plated branch, glass floral beads and fluorite beads, plated silver spacers, plated silver beads, plated silver hand made clasp.


Each piece I create is one of a kind. Why? I really dislike seeing someone else wearing a piece I had grown to love and think of as my own. Not only do I want my work to be original and unique but I like to make a statement with everything I wear including my accessories. In today's world women need to be strong and courageous and I like to think that wearing a one of a kind statement piece shows that we are just that.


Note that this listing is for the necklace only. Earrings are shown for illustrative purposes only. Check out the Earrings collection for our available selection.

Ruby Tuesday

SKU: N86
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