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Ammonites are the most widely known fossils with ribbed spiral-formed shells. They lived in the seas between 240 - 65 million years ago and became extinct at the same time as the dinosaurs. The fossils formed when the remains of the animal became buried in sediment which later solidified into rock. Some believe ammonites are very powerful earth healing fossils. Its spiral shape is a symbol for continual change and evolution, helping to stimulate the life force.


I combined two ammonites with Turitella agate beads which are made up of fossilized snails in agate and added silver plated starfish to the mix.  I love making copper spacers with silver solder so that you'll never find another necklace the same.


Each piece I create is one of a kind. Why? I really dislike seeing someone else wearing a piece I had grown to love and think of as my own. Not only do I want my work to be original and unique but I like to make a statement with everything I wear including my accessories. In today's world women need to be strong and courageous and I like to think that wearing a one of a kind statement piece shows that we are just that.


Ammonite, turitella beads, silver plated starfish, silver plated beads, copper beads, copper spacers with silver solder, copper clasp.

Seeing Double

SKU: N115
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